To share your site on the social media, for example, you can do so by sharing your site URL. Your site URL can be found under: Cogwheel Icon > Settings > General > Domain > Domain Name

If you are using a personalised domain name, your full site URL would look like this:

If you are using the free version, your full site URL would look like this: 

Your visitors can share your website directly by clicking on a button on your website. To activate the share button, you can go to Cogwheel > Settings > Social Media. In the section Share, click on On.

When visitors click on the sharing button, you can choose to either allow them to share your actual website or Facebook page.

If you want your Facebook page to be shared instead of your website, enter the Facebook page URL in the field Facebook URL to LikeIf this field is not filled, your Portfoliobox site will be shared by default.

Submit a Facebook Share Image to determine which image appears in the post when your website is shared on Facebook.

When both Links and Share are enabled, a share icon will display alongside the other social media icons.