When you connect your own domain to your Portfoliobox website, you might run into any of the issues listed below:


The domain redirects to a 404 Portfoliobox page

Tt means that the domain itself is configured properly but not connected to your Portfoliobox account. You can log into your account and click on Click here to set up your domain at the bottom of your admin panel to add your domain or contact our support team so they could do it for you.


Your domain generates a loop of wwws

When a domain generates a loop of www.www.www - this means that you have created a A-record both for @ and for the subdomain www. You need to delete the A-record created for www. If the issue doesn't go away after doing so, please reach out to our support team so they could investigate your case.


A blank page displays

A blank page is usually displayed when you try creating a masked redirection from your domain to your account URL. Masked redirection is blocked by Portfoliobox so you need to configure your domain correctly by following this guide.

If your domain still does not work after checking this guide, let us know and we'll be happy to take a look at your DNS settings.