An image viewer displays your thumbnails gallery's images in full size.

Image viewer settings

You can define settings for the image viewer, such as: 

  1. Image viewer template (see below)
  2. Text position: defines the position of the image description. You can choose between Bottom, Right or Show on hover.
  3. Effect: defines the transition effect between images. You can choose between Fade and Slide.
  4. Timing in ms: defines how long an image will display before switching to the next one automatically.
  5. Pause timing: allows you to pause the timing. The viewer will have to click to see the next image. 
  6. Cover or contain: displays only for fullscreen template and defines if the image should cover the screen or be contained. If you choose Cover, the image will cover the screen and may be truncated. If you choose Contain, the image will display fully but won't cover the entire screen.

    Image viewer settings in Portfoliobox

Edit image viewer template

To change the image viewer template in your galleries:

  1. Click on Your Content.
  2. Then select Pages.
  3. Select the gallery that you want to change the image viewer for.

    Edit a gallery page in Portfoliobox

  4.  Click Image Viewer. Here you can choose between five different templates:
  • None
  • Lightbox
  • In context
  • No menu
  • Fullscreen

    Image viewer in Portfoliobox

Consider your sharing options - when an image is opened in Image Viewer, it allows visitors to share it to social media. Sharing to Facebook is however only available in the image viewers where the image is given a unique URL, these are:

  • In context
  • No menu
  • Fullscreen

Image viewer templates


Lightbox image viewer in Portfoliobox

In context

No menu

Image viewer in Portfoliobox

FullscreenImage viewer in Portfoliobox