Your admin panel is divided into three panels: A, B and C.

Panel A

Portfoliobox admin panel

Panel A contains two tabs:

Content (Tools)Portfolioboxand Settings (Cogwheel) Portfoliobox.

The Content tab displays:

  • New Page: allows you to create a new page.
  • Edit This Page / Close: allows you to edit the page you're currently viewing or close panels B and C. 
  • Your Content: contains your site's Start page, your Site menu as well as a list of all the Pages you created.
  • Design: allows you to control various elements of your site's design, like the Menu template, your Logo or the Colors & fonts.
  • Eye Icon: allows you to minimise the admin panel to preview your site. (Tips! you can press Esc on your keyboard to minimise the admin panel.)
  • Publish: this area shows you how to publish your site on various social media channels.
  • Support Icon: allows you to contact our support team by chat. 

The Settings tab displays all the settings of your site: 

Panel B

Portfoliobox admin panel

Panel B allows you to control the settings of the page you currently view: 

  • Template: allows you to edit the current page's template. 
  • Display settings: allows you to edit display settings (e.g. image size and margins, if the page is a gallery). NB! The settings will vary depending on the type of page you edit. 
  • Image viewer: It allows you to edit the image viewer template. NB! It displays only if the page is gallery.
  • Settings: allows you to edit the page settings: Url, Meta description of the page, Password or Unpublish
  • Start page: allows you to set the current page your start page
  • Add to menu: allows you to add/remove the current page from your menu.

Panel C

Portfoliobox admin panel

Panel C allows you to edit the content of the page you currently view. Its look depends on the type of page (gallery, text, shop, etc.).